Premium Air Charter Aircraft – Beechcraft Super King Air


The Super King Air is made by Beechcraft, the world market leader in the manufacture of multi engine turboprop aircraft. The Super King Air is without doubt the most popular twin engine turboprop aircraft ever built.

Integrating two 850 horsepower Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-42 turboprop engines, this aircraft is high performance, and a very high standard for cabin interiors. The King Air has the capability to perform a wide range of services from charter to business & leisure this aircraft is the aircraft of choice for many major corporate companies for their executive travel.

The normal configuration of our King Air enables up to 10 passengers to be seated in air conditioned comfort. The aircraft is able to be quickly changed for a complete cargo configuration or a combination of cargo and passenger carrying capability at the request of our client. From short and unprepared runways to big city airports, no matter where in the country you need to go, the Super King Air can get you there.

Travelling at speeds in excess of 500km per hour and certified for all weather flight up to 35,000ft the Beechcraft Super King Air is all about performance, versatility and passenger comfort.

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