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From South Australia to the Northern Territory and beyond, Lucas Air offers safe and reliable mining charters every time

The leading Adelaide air charter service, Lucas Air Transport is well positioned and experienced in mining and exploration transfers and FIFO flight charter arrangements for the remote mining and exploration industry. Both our management team and flight crew have extensive experience in mining flights and exploration charters Australia-Wide including:

Your safety is our priority; turn to Lucas Air for mining charters Australia-wide

Lucas Air Transport is capable and ready to provide short notice charters of an ad hoc nature involved with the delivery of shutdown critical parts or labour. We are equally able to consult with you, one on one, to provide a detailed framework to cover your aviation transport arrangements.

We are also experienced in working inside the numerous regulatory guidelines and safety systems specific to mining transport. Our use of only highly experienced qualified crew sets us aside from the competition and makes your choice an easy one.

Safety is our first priority, as it is yours. From Perth to Alice Springs and right across rural Australia, Lucas Air provides a mining charter experience that is second to none.

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